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I drifted into Exeter, UK, to bag yet another cathedral. It seems a bit stumpy outside but that’s because the towers are a leftover from the Norman original (1133) .  It’s quite spectacular inside, famed for its vaulted ceiling.

The organ looks like a steampunk spaceship (as do many cathedrals). There’s an amazing misericord (lean on seat for the long long services) with an elephant…. from around 1240.   Earliest depiction in the UK of such a mythical beast.

There’s a brilliant ancient door in the cathedral close. Haven’t blogged a door in ages.

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I haven’t done anything since WordPress killed off the weekly photo challenge. Not sure why they did that, it was a good showcase for some great photographers. Very few people will get to see this…. no one knows it’s up there.

Winter on Dangar Island…. a few scenes, plus a close up of the elusive Chilli Bandit.