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A Daily Prompt.

The vine keeps trying to connect itself, year after year, minute by minute. It never stops reaching out.  I keep trying for the perfect photo of it.

It’s close to my house, so, I go back day after day looking for the perfect curl, perfectly lit and in focus.  I haven’t managed it yet! The vine curves out of focus the closer I get. Even a small breeze means that I lose clarity.

Groundhog Day? Maybe, but I wonder what I learn each time.  I’m definitely an amateur in the macro stakes.


Macro Fun

I’ve been trying to extend my range as a photographer, but my budget wont allow me to buy any more lenses just yet. However, I was able to afford a lense extender (Canon EF12 11) that does convert my 35-85mm to a macro lense. I realise I have a lot to learn about macro photography. It takes discipline and science…. and much more attention to background and lighting. I will need to be a lot more patient. The trouble with nature,also, is that it wont keep still!

You can see some really good macro photography here… or search for ‘macro’ on WordPress.

These are some of my early attempts…..

Calligraphy from a grapevine.


Wild grass seeds.


Autumn colours at the start of summer.


A dragonfly that wouldnt keep still.